Why Pass Perfect?

Better Prepared to Prepare You

No one knows these exams like us. We were there when they were first developed and for every new version after that — understanding the changes and regulatory reasons behind them all. And while our competitors are stuck in the read-and-regurgitate model with stockpiles of outdated printed materials, we've moved on.

After forty years, we’re still delivering the best, most current content — updated online in real time and printed on demand — but now with ever-improving, adaptive learning tools for the modern securities exam student.


Because no two learners are alike, we’ve created a product that allows each person to study differently. And that’s why we can offer the industry’s only
Pass Promise.

1st and only adaptive web-based program for FINRA exam prep

3x more questions than competitors

97%+ chance of passing after completing the program

How Pass Promise Works

No matter how much you study, the toughest question tends to be "Am I ready?" That's why we created the Pass Promise package. These courses not only come with premium learning tools and instructor support — live online and on demand — they also come with a guarantee to pass the first time.

  • With an interactive program that measures your progress and adapts to provide extra help where needed, we can record and measure your progress from the beginning.
  • We can then predict the outcome of your actual exam based on your practice exam scores, giving you a simple answer to that pesky preparedness question. And if you still need more time, there is no limit to the number of practice tests you can take.
  • If you don’t pass the first time, choose whether you want a full refund or to keep access to all of the materials and resources — for free — until you do.

Smarter Learning Tools

Adaptive, interactive, and built for a unique individual experience.

Streamlined Curriculum

No more or less than what you need to understand and pass.

Expert Instructors

Help and support from industry professionals whenever you need it.

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