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"The Pass Perfect materials are a relevant and comprehensive primer of the industry and the exam. We hear from students that they felt very prepared for the exam after the course."

Professor Josh Harris, Clemson University

A Trusted Partner

With over 40 years experience, no one can compete with our expertise and dedication.

Our SIE programs not only adapt to each learner's individual needs, but can also be customized for your university's overall needs. Whether you want to launch an entirely new program or just simplify a current one, we're here to help create your perfect solution.

With dozens of successful partnerships across the nation, no one else can offer what we can — for your university as well as your future graduates.

  • Low implementation and per-student cost.
  • Unmatched instructor resources and materials.
  • Co-branded online program management portal for easy student access.
  • Customized marketing support (emails, print, etc).
  • Opportunity to connect with established Financial Services firms for sponsorship

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