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Why Pass Perfect for
SIE Exam Prep?

As your first stepping-stone into the industry, you may be unsure of what to expect during the SIE exam. You need a prep course that promises you will pass.

And, from self-proclaimed bad test-takers to people with little to no experience, we equip all of our SIE studiers with everything they need to pass the first time. (Seriously. Just check our reviews).

Reinforce retention over memorization with in-depth content and practice questions that mimic the actual test — so there are no surprises come exam day.

Shorten your study time with content delivery based on performance — moving on from concepts you’ve mastered and going deeper into ones you haven’t.

Customize your studies with our flexible program design — letting you absorb info in ways you learn best, at a pace that’s perfect for you.

Class Schedule — Learn more in one of our virtual online classes.

We have created the ultimate resource to help ensure you pass your Securities Licensing Exam — the first time. Developed by experts in FINRA licensing, our coursework incorporates everything you need to know to successfully take this important step in advancing your career.

  • Clear and concise course material for efficient learning, allowing more time for Final Practice Exams.

  • Animated videos reinforcing key concepts and test-taking strategies with simulated exam questions.

  • Chapter Video Lectures by expert Instructors, aligned with the book's content.

  • Multi-level assessments including Quick Quizzes at the topic level.

  • Scored and graded assessments: Check Your Understanding, Chapter Exams, Mid-Term Exams, and Fixed Final Exams.

The intuitive, modern user interface of our our LMS allows you to engage easily and keep careful track of your progress, so you can focus on learning.

The Securities Industries Essentials (SIE) exam assesses your knowledge of introductory concepts, including products and their risks, industry market structure, and regulatory agencies. To become registered to engage in business securities, you must pass this as well as a qualification exam.
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75 Multiple Choice Questions


1 Hour and 45 Minutes

Passing Score



Must be aged 18 or older

SIE Prep Packages

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Pass Plus

If you thrive as an independent learner, this self-study package has the essentials you need.

Pass Plus Pro

Want to supplement your studies? Get a few helpful extras, like on-demand instructional videos.

Pass Promise

Our best value: A guaranteed pass, plus an instructor-led live virtual class for your review.

Comprehensive Study Guide

Comprehensive study guide for you to help organize your learning goals.


Online + Ebook

Online + Ebook

Interactive Dashboard

A user-friendly dashboard provides high level performance data that puts you in control so you know exactly where you are, what’s coming next, and where you need to focus.

Dynamic Study Calendar

The study plan makes for a smooth learning experience from start to finish. Providing a structured daily schedule of study recommendations, it organizes your tasks - reading, quizzes and tests across the calendar based on your beginning and end dates.

Chapter Intro Videos

An overview of every chapter in the program to supplement your learning and prepare you for main concepts and topics.

Check Your Understanding

Practice questions after each section to show whether you grasp the material or not, and recommend next steps.

Chapter, Mastery, and Final
Comprehensive Exams

Knowledge tests at the end of each milestone, and (unlike many competitors) you can take them an unlimited number of times.

Instructor Support

An easy way to get your questions answered or get explanations beyond your reading and online training.

On-Demand Virtual Review

Instructor-led video review, recapping the program's topics and concepts — all available whenever you are.

Live Virtual Review

Live online classes led by industry experts, in an interactive setting that covers everything you'll need to pass.

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Our Pass Promise

How Can We Promise You’ll Pass?

While passing the SIE may seem like the biggest challenge, sometimes the hardest questions are: Am I ready? Have I prepared enough? And how/when will I know? That’s where our Pass Promise package comes in.

We can help predict your readiness and outcome based on your practice test scores — taking the guesswork out of your preparedness, and letting you tackle the test with confidence. Simply put, if you put in the work, we can promise you'll pass. See all the details.