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Why Pass Perfect for Series 99 Exam Prep?

As a relatively new exam, introduced in 2011, people may easily underestimate Series 99. And if you have years of experience, but haven't studied for anything in quite awhile, it can be tough to trust your instincts during a test. You need a prep course that can promise you'll pass.

And we equip all of our Series 99 studiers with everything they need to pass the first time. (Seriously. Just check our reviews).

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Reinforce retention over memorization with in-depth content and practice questions that mimic the actual test — so there are no surprises come exam day.

Shorten your study time with content delivery based on performance — moving on from concepts you’ve mastered and going deeper into ones you haven’t.

Customize your studies with our flexible program design — letting you absorb info in ways you learn best, at a pace that’s perfect for you.

Our new Matterhorn™ Learning Engine, built for the financial services industry, enables professionals like you to pass the FINRA exams – quickly and easily. The intuitive, modern user interface allows you to engage easily and keep careful track of your progress, so you can focus on learning.

The Series 99 exam — the Operations Professional Exam — is required for supervisors of client-facing back office functions and those who design and implement back office operations and control systems. It covers securities industry and broker dealer operations, as well as professional conduct and ethical considerations.
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50 Multiple Choice Questions


1 Hour and 30 Minutes

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Series 99 Prep Package

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Series 99 Study Guide
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Series 99 Single Options

Series 99 Study Guide

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Test Bank

Best if you already know Series 99, and only require practice quizzes with feedback and exam questions for deeper comprehension.

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