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Even for solid test-takers, Series 51 — like many exams — will try to stump you on the question language or format. You need prep that will leave you confident, ready, and unsurprised on exam day.

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Reinforce retention over memorization with in-depth content and practice questions that mimic the actual test — so there are no surprises come exam day.

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We have created the ultimate resource to help ensure you pass your Securities Licensing Exam — the first time. Developed by experts in FINRA, NASAA, MSRB and NFA licensing, our coursework incorporates everything you need to know to successfully take this important step in advancing your career.

  • Clear and concise course material designed to provide you with exactly what you need to pass the Finra, NASAA, MSRB or NFA exam.

  • Assessments, scored and graded: include Section Level CHeck Your Understanding, Chapter Exams, and FInal Exams.

  • Combined test banks offer more questions than any other provider
    • a greater range of easy, medium, hard questions
    • different voices/styles to better prepare students for the FINRA exams

The intuitive, modern user interface of our LMS allows you to engage easily and keep careful track of your progress, so you can focus on learning.

The Series 51 exam — the Municipal Fund Securities Limited Principal Qualification exam (FP) — measures a candidate's knowledge of MSRB rules, as well as their ability to interpret and apply them, in areas related to underwriting, trading, and selling of municipal fund securities.
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60 Multiple Choice Questions


1 Hour and 30 Minutes

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Series 51 Prep Package

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Series 51 Study Guide
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Best for new Series 51 learners to reinforce knowledge with a question bank.

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Series 51 Study Guide

For independent learners, featuring a Series 51 study guide for final review.


Test Bank

Best if you already know Series 51, and only require practice quizzes with feedback and exam questions for deeper comprehension.