Series 50 Exam Information

Series 50 Exam Overview & FAQs

The Series 50 Exam

The Series 50 exam also known as the Municipal Advisor Representative exam focuses on the financial structure, pricing and issuing of municipal debt products.

Series 50 Exam Difficulty Level

Any professional exam in the Financial Services industry is not easy and includes many concepts that test takers must be able to show a satisfactory level of competency. Many people pass the first time, but others need a second attempt to complete the task. The study and exam tools available through Pass Perfect have been proven to be a highly effective method to prepare for the Series 50 exam.

After the Series 50

Upon the successful completion of the Series 50 exam, professionals can pursue a wide variety of careers in the dynamic municipal bond industry.

Series 50 FAQ

How long is the Series 50 Exam?

Exam takers have up to 3 hours to complete the test.

What is a passing score for the Series 50 exam?

A score of 71% or more is considered passing.

Are there prerequisites for the Series 50 exam?

There are no prerequisites to take the Series 50 exam.

What do I bring to take the Series 50 exam?

Upon arriving at the test center, you will asked to show one form of a government issued ID that contains a signature and photo. All personal belongings will be stored in a locker and you will be escorted to the test area by a staff member. You will then be furnished with any needed materials to take the exam.

How long is the Series 50 good for?

The Series 50 license expires after 2 years, but can be renewed.

What if I fail the Series 50 exam?

If you should fail the Series 50 exam, it is important that you reevaluate the methods you used to prepare for the test. Pass Perfect offers many tools to help you successfully pass the exam.