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Series 6 Top-Off DATABANK Practice Exams

The Series 6 Top Off examination is required for individuals who wish to sell only investment company shares and variable annuities. This type of registration is accepted only by FINRA "investment companies / variable annuities" member firms.

  • Always Up To Date
  • Unlimited Quizzes for each of the 8 major areas covered on the Series 6 exam.
  • 30 Finals, covering material from all 8 major areas

The Series 6 Top-Off DATABANK Practice Exams software is a convenient and effective method of testing a student's overall comprehension of the material. Using DATABANK Practice Exams software prepares the candidate for the actual test by presenting practice questions of similar complexity to that of the real exam.

Each question has a detailed explanation that not only explains which answer is correct, but also explains why the other answers are wrong for the more complex concepts.

No two tests in DATABANK Practice Exams are the same — the depth of the question pool (approximately 4,000 questions) ensures that each question the student sees is unique. All of the tests are weighted in the same manner as the material in the actual exam.

Please note: The pool of questions in DATABANK 6 Top-Off is the same as in the SMART 6 Top-Off product.

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