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We Are Ready for the SIE Exam

  • May 23, 2018

We have completed our Securities Industry Essentials (SIE) Textbook and are currently wrapping up our SMART SIE Interactive Web Training Program. The SIE Course is divided into three modules, covering the content of the FINRA Study Outline.

The Three Modules are:

Module I Module II Module III
New Issues
Customer Accounts
Packaged Products
Retirement / Education Plans
Analysis / Taxes
Trading Markets

Each module is followed by a Mastery Exam. By breaking apart the content into three modules, students can more easily cover the three "more difficult" areas of the examination - Debt, Options and Regulations, and can also refresh on these areas as they are getting close to taking the actual examination. After completing the three modules, students can take representative sample Finals from our extraordinarily large pool of exam-related questions.

The textbook is 525 pages long, excluding Chapter Exams, Mastery Exams and Final Exams. With over 30 years of experience in writing, teaching and building FINRA exam training courses, we are confident that our program has the depth of content necessary to pass this new exam.

Pricing will be announced at that time. Associates in the compliance or registrations departments of FINRA member firms who wish to obtain a sample copy can contact us directly for a free review copy at:

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