Pass Perfect News

Major Client Testimonial

Passperfect has received a major testimonial from one of the largest broker dealers in the United States. To explain their choice of Pass Perfect SMART programs for training thousands of candidates annually for Series 7 and Series 66, the client stated the following:

"Competitive training programs cover 80% of the test content, so our students must get 90% correct on that material to pass the exam. With Pass Perfect, 90% of the test content is covered, so our students only need to get 80% on that material to pass the exam."

This gets at the simple truth as to why our SMART interactive training programs are better. SMART programs systematically cover virtually all tested content, adjusting dynamically to the student's strengths and weaknesses. The student's knowledge base is brought to the minimum competency level needed to pass the exam in the minimum amount of time. Students using SMART 7 training who are green-lighted by the program have a better than 95% first-time pass rate.