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SIE: One Week In

  • October 9, 2018

Our candidates are taking the Securities Industry Essentials (SIE) exam with confidence.

After over one week, the results are in! Our students who complete the SMART SIE and get a green light are passing the SIE with no issues. Their comments to us state that they were fully prepared, that there were no surprises, and that they were confident throughout the test.

The reason why SMART SIE works for an exam that is drawn from such a broad range of content is that it goes through the entire study outline in a proper learning order, adapting to the students’ strengths and weaknesses as they progress. There are NO gaps in coverage and the depth of our question pool assures the students of a "test-like" experience when taking our final exams.

We are receiving numerous inquiries from individuals who failed the SIE using competitive materials that rely on the old "take a few finals and you should pass" approach. This does not work with the new exam format because the content outline is broad and the test is narrow in question selection, especially for people first entering the business.

Our name says it all with the new SIE exam - you will PASS with Pass Perfect!

SIE Available for Purchase

  • August 13, 2018

The wait for the BEST SIE exam preparation material is over.

The SMART SIE Program and its associated bundles are now available for purchase! Get the edge you need to open a new window of opportunity in the securities industry.

Please visit our SIE Page for details.

Why You Should Take Your Securities Licensing Exam NOW!

  • July 26, 2018

The big changes to the FINRA registered representative exams take effect October 1st, 2018. Here is what it means for you!

  1. As long as you are registered to take your exam by September 30th, 2018, you will take the current exam. You have 120 days to do this, so the current exams will be administered through January 2019.

  2. Taking the current exam means that you take only 1 exam to be licensed - not 2, which will be the case with the upcoming FINRA restructure.

  3. Taking the current exam means that you are taking a proven exam that we have trained for over the past 30 years. As long as you do the required work, you have a 94% probability of passing the current exam. As the industry has learned in the past with any new exam, there are always transitional issues, and a lower passing percentage, until everyone gets used to the new format.

Anyone who is thinking about taking the Series 7 or Series 6 exam in the next few months should take their test NOW and not wait until the new format starts!

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