About Pass Perfect

Pass Perfect is a leading developer of targeted, effective training programs for Series 7 and other FINRA and NASAA securities licensing exams.

Our level of experience and expertise is unmatched. Over the last 30 years, we have successfully trained over 1,000,000 individuals for these exams.

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Do One Thing Well
  • At PassPerfect, our sole focus is the securities licensing exams; we do nothing else and we do it better than competitors who attempt to be "all things to all people."

  • Every day, we are continually improving our courses and content, since the difference between passing and failing these tests often comes down to missing 1 questions.

  • Our policy of continous improvement means that you are always assured of getting the most current content that is reflective of the real exam. We update our on-line courses in real time, so that the student is always getting the latest information. We print our books "on demand" and do not stockpile them, so when a course is ordered, you are assured of getting the most recent content.

Experience Counts
  • The principals at PassPerfect have been doing securities exam preparation since 1980. Our predecessor company was the very first securities license training firm, starting in 1967 when these exams were in their infancy.

  • We have trained over 1,000,000 individuals for these exams and our clients include virtually every major securities firm.

  • We "know" these exams. We were there when they were first developed; we were there for every new version of these tests; we understand the changes that have occurred over time and the regulatory reasons driving the changes.

  • This depth of experience and understanding is unmatched. These exams get harder with each new version as the regulatory environment gets tougher. We have the talent, the drive, and the experience to keep up with these changes so that you will be able to pass a difficult exam.

  • In a toughening regulatory environment, we have been able to distance ourselves from our competitors who cannot cope with these more frequent changes and more difficult test content.

Don't Dumb It Down
  • The securities licensing exams used to be fairly straightforward and relatively simple - this is no longer the case.

  • Aside from increasing the depth of content covered on these exams, the question writing style has evolved over time. Questions are no longer "black and white" with 3 clearly wrong answers and 1 clearly right answer. Now they are "shades of gray" and require that the student be able to use judgement and be able to synthesize a broad range of information to answer the question.

  • A student who tries to pass by simply "memorizing questions" or memorizing a "hot sheet" of "test" information will fail - plain and simple.

  • Our content reflects the detailed information needed to pass these exams. Because of our depth of experience, we interpret the rules and present them in plain English to make them understandable. We know the background stories that led to the rules and use them to make the content come alive.

  • Note that our content is completely exam-driven. We include the content necessary to cover the exam information - we do not skimp on the content; nor do we pad the content. Our courses are typically longer than our competitors because we use our content to develop your understanding - they key to passing these tests.

  • Our sample questions are reflective of the new, more difficult, test writing style. By giving you challenging questions, you are forced to learn the material in depth - and this is the only way to pass these exams.

  • Beware of competing courses that claim that they are the easy way to pass these exams. There is no easy way - you must do the work, you must learn the content, and you must be presented with challenging questions similar to those on the real exam.

Strength In Numbers
  • We have found over our many years in business that simply studying content does not get you through these exams. You must practice using questions that are of similar complexity to those used on the real exam.

  • As we have worked on our programs, the size of our question pools has expanded and expanded. The depth of our sample question pools is unmatched. For example, our Series 7 pool has over 8,000 questions. Our Series 6 pool has almost 4,000 questions. Our Series 66 pool has over 4,000 questions. Our Series 24 pool has over 2,000 questions.

  • This means that when you take our sample exams, you don’t see the same questions over and over again. Each test presents "fresh" content so you will not fall into the trap of memorizing questions - which guarantees failing these exams.

  • Because of the great number of questions available and the difficulty and complexity of our questions, you are continually challenged when taking our exams. This reflects the reality of the actual exam.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Every person is different and people have different learning styles. We offer a wide range of training program sto meet differing needs.

These include:

  • Printed textbooks for each Series exam with simulated exams.

  • "Quick" books that summarize important test information, to be used for final review.

  • Answerphone support with all programs, with caring, seasoned instructors to answer questions, provide guidance, and help students.

  • Exams delivered and monitored on-line.

  • Interactive web-delivered "SMART" training programs for the major licensing exams - 6, 7, 63, 65, and 66. Each SMART program takes the student through the proper learning sequence, "senses" when a student understands or is having trouble, and adjusts the content to match. No one else has SMART capability.

  • Virtual live classes presented by seasoned instructors for all major Series exams.

Our 60% Is More Than...

Our 60% Is More Than Their 90%

  • We often get the following type of phone call on the more difficult Principals exams: "I just took the Series 24 and failed with a 62%, and I was getting 90's on all my practice exams." Of course, this person was using a competitor's materials.

  • Getting a "false positive" on practice exams is misleading to the student. The student believes that he or she has mastery of the material and is blind-sided in the real exam.

  • On our Principals exams, it is normal for the students to score 65% or so, and this reflects the fact that our questions are more complex (and thus more similar to real exams), and our question pools are very deep, so students don't get repeats.

  • On the real Principals exams, our students tend to score 10-15 points higher than on our practice exams. This occurs because the student has been exposed to the difficult information covered in the real test, so the "surprise" factor is reduced.

  • Our typical phone call goes: "I just took the Series 24 and passed with a 78% and I was getting 60's on all my Pass Perfect practice exams." We will take our 60% scores over competitors' 90% scores any day!