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Live Virtual Review Classes

PassPerfect Live Virtual Classes are designed for final review before an individual takes his or her licensing exam. These are web-delivered live interactive classes taught by seasoned instructors who know these exams. The classes are exam-focused, emphasizing the content that is most heavily tested and the content that is most difficult.

The key to any live class is the instructor. Our instructors have, on average, been doing this for 20 years. This means that they really know these exams inside and out and they also know how to teach the content so that it comes alive in class. Our instructors really care about their students, and stay available after each class session to work with students who need extra help, and to answer additional questions on a one-on-one basis.

A great class experience can make all the difference in being properly prepared for these difficult exams.

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Please note: Students should enroll in a virtual class after they have substantially completed their studies using PassPerfect materials. To receive the full benefit from virtual review, class should be scheduled close to the actual test date.

Live virtual classroom review is currently scheduled as listed (all times are Eastern Time).

Virtual review takes into account the amount of time one can realistically spend listening to and viewing content online.

For questions (or for review for a licensing exam not listed), please e-mail Additional class times may be available.

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Pass Perfect is a leading developer of targeted, effective training programs for Series 7 and other FINRA and NASAA securities licensing exams.

Our level of experience and expertise is unmatched. Over the last 30 years we have successfully trained over 1,000,000 individuals for these exams.

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