Introducing "Listen" for SMART 7

Based on client input and feedback, we have added an important new feature to the SMART 7 program. The SMART program breaks down the Series 7 course into 1800 learning "modules" arranged in the proper learning order. Each module covers a specific item of Series 7 information that is critical to passing the exam. Each module now includes a "Listen" button that explains the information to the user, covering the material in a manner that enhances learning by giving context, background, and test application. Each "Listen" segment is unique and is not a repeat of our printed text. Because it is used as part of our unique interactive learning process, it enables the user to understand the material much more easily. It differs from static taped virtual "on demand" lectures that are too generic and passive in their approach and that have been proven to be ineffective.

"Listen" is a major learning addition to the SMART program, which has been proven to deliver a 10-15% improvement in passing rates as compared to other preparation methods. Anyone can trial SMART 7 with "Listen" by going to the Series 7 program on our website.