2015 Series 27 Study Program Now Available

The Series 27 Financial and Operations Principal Exam is one of the more difficult tests that FINRA administers. Extensive rule changes enacted in the aftermath of the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy and the 2009 Financial Meltdown took effect in 2014. These are now included in the course, including Supplemental FOCUS Reports, Compliance and Exemption Reports, Custody Report, PAB Reserve Calculation, Securities Loaned and Borrowed Rules and Reports, and Withdrawal of Equity Capital Rules, among others.

These can be very complicated rules that are difficult to grasp. Our in-depth 30-year experience with the financial responsibility rules results in a program that stands out from all others. We explain, in plain English, where the rule came from; how it is applied; and how it relates to other rules covering that area. Furthermore, our program includes 5 simulated Series 27 Finals, each one with unique questions that mirror the complexity of the actual exam. After completing our program, you are completely prepared for the exam.