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SIE Update - Implementation Postponed Until 4Q 2018 At The Earliest

In response to comments received, the SEC has delayed implementation of the SIE - Securities Industry Essentials - exam and related Top Off exams until the 4th quarter of 2018 (at the earliest). All of the FINRA exams stay in the current format until then.

There has been much hoopla about the SIE on other securities exam preparation firms' websites, giving "information" about an exam that does not exist. Some of these websites give valid information, while others are trying to get lists of potential buyers of training material for the SIE. Note that "training materials" offered for the SIE by other vendors are useless since there is no exam that can be taken for at least 1 year. Also note that because the actual study outline has not been published by FINRA, any content included is pure speculation.

The bottom line is: "Do not be fooled by these." All FINRA licensing exams remain unchanged for a minimum of 1 year, and probably will remain the same through the end of 2018.